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Last day! (this is a good idea)

Hai everyoneeeee! Today is the last day for me writing about my daily routine. So, i'm gonna move to the next plan which is more interesting and fun.

Jadi, harini bermula pada pagi aku pergi pasar beli barang dapur. Alhamdulillah,and i spend my time for myself. Do what i love, such as watching youtube channel, kdrama, manage my financial, make some planner and so on.

My life now is an artist. Homepreneur.
So, i need to add knowledge about bussines.
Managing my financial and life like an adult. (yes i'm now 20)

My life is never same like other peers , but it doesn't matter for me because this is my choice. So, i'm happy for my life right now and future. In shaa Allah aamiin. Real life is now begin!

There will be more hardship and more interesting things gonna happen.I must face it. So, in shaa Allah let's pray for the best. Be the best version of me. Yep! In shaa Allah may Allah ease everythings.


I think this is a good idea for starting my new daily routine. 5 days keep myself on doing things, and training my mind to think wisely, control my mood .I did it! Alhamdulillah

Hadza min fadhli rabbi untuk segala idea dan semangat! Ini merupakan lastday untuk aku update pasal usaha creating my daily routine. Mission accomplished! So, i will make sure i keep  update blog every single day for my future reference and for me to keep motivate in life.

- Thanks for reading my silent readers :)

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