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One of The Secret To Success

 talking about a little girl but now she's become an adult. I mean, not so adult maybe a lady - not a woman..yet? (sighh)

when she's decide to take a break from chasing her dreams. oh nope, she has a lot of dreams. and after she had achieved one of it (the big one) (which takes 17years to achieve - Alhamdulillah segala puji bagi Allah, sesungguhnya semua itu kurniaan dari Tuhanku) thennnnn she take a break. that's the right way to read about her.

and when she decided, she never refuse. as she sacrifices many things for her dreams. now, she still do the same thing. sacrifices all she had just to take a break. Because for her, a break time also importance as all of her dreams and this is a part of the journey. 

What's she is taking a break of?

1. Thinking about her dreams, the way to achieve, the focus and consistent (all the good habits that I've work for to achieve my dream)

2. Thinking about future and work for it

3. From anyone expectations.

4. Preparing all the things to achieve all her dreams (in term of a student, a daughter, a servant, and all)

She's so proud, happy, grateful, thankful for all things happen in her life. She's even don't know why and how but she's good. She's still good alhamdulillah.


Why she need to take a break?

not her only, you also. Yes, you! Don't worry and be afraid of losing. Whenever you lose, you will gain. That's the formula. You must trust this formula. I mean, HAVE FAITH!

There are nothing to be worry and nothing happen in this world / also your life, are happening without His permission and observation. You doing well, you doing great. All is good, if there is a thing to fix. Fix your mindset. The way you talking to yourself and the way you see everything even a very little things in your life. 

Everyone, let's take a break. Let's sleep a lot, let's eat whatever favorite food, let's not put any smile on face when life is really dull. let it be. let it go. okay? It's time to put down your strong mask. Allah will provide new superpower for you which a lot of sabr. 


chill and be simple!

In shaa Allah *winking emoji

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