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Creating my daily routine!

Since i'm gonna stay at home for a long time, i think that i must have my own daily routine. I'm getting so bored and tired to spend my whole time just for sleep. Okay, enough with sleep. Let's find another things to make my day more productive! This is my own style, do what i love.

This is some ideas for me when i feel so bored and nothing to do.

Wake up in the morning,and don't sleep after Subuh.
Keep reading some books, lipat baju, blogging and feel free to do anything but don't sleep.
Have a sleep after Subuh will make you feel tired for the whole day.

Another things to do is creating your bullet journal (as you wish)
By doing bullet journal will improve my art and hand-writing. This is so good for my little bussiness which is <3

Watching Kdrama.
Watching Youtube Channel Jess & Gab , Amandarachlee
because they make me feel very productive! watch more, do more ;)

I think thats all for my personal daily routine. I create something new on my daily routine because i really need a new me. new situation. new surrounding. So this is the best way to adapt with my new life. I will update for my every steps to get my productive day!

Today, i'm not sleep after Subuh.
I'm thinking about this blog to update something.
And i did it.

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