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3 Types of Shapewear That You Must Know

Have you heard about shapewear? Do you know the importance of wearing shapewear? It’s not about trend. Shapewear has been used since the time of our mothers. Usually we called as “bengkung” that use after giving birth. Shape wear is like bengkung but in modern version that suit people nowadays. It’s the same thing.

Shapewear is use for maintain body shape and also makes body straight and firm. Shapewear also helps to reduce pain in the lower back and lumbar area. Here is three types of shapewear that you must know.

1. Shapewear for Post Surgery 

After giving birth, the muscles may be weaken. Shapewear can help you feel more supported throughout the day. How it works? Compression garment were applied the pressure to helps keep the tissues stay in the place after surgery. This also helps to reduce pain at surgery area. Therefore, the best shapewear for women who had post surgery is Compression Garment Post Surgery Shapewear. You should try for self-love! If you know any of your family members or friends who had surgery, tell them they still can take care of their body. Nothing to be worries!

2. Shapewear To Get In Shape

Shapewear body shaper for women has a typical elasticity. It's provides compression and supports your back. In addition, it also able to compress stomach fat and reduce belly fat - wow! and apart from helping to maintain body shape, the best shapewear bodysuit also helps improve walking and sitting posture. To get a straight body also recommend for this type of shapewear. My mom always told us to wear shapewear and take care of our body especially after giving birth. Luckily my elder sister persistently wearing shapewear and now she have a good body shape! - a mother of two children. People not tell you how they have a good body shape after giving birth or maybe who has a history being fat. So this is one of the way other than exercise. 

3. Shapewear for Plus Size Woman

It is important to be realistic in getting the right size for your shapewear. Wearing the right size will improve your comfortability and also helps to reduce back pain. If wearing small size, it will make you in pain and feel distracted in doing your routine. Therefore, plus size shapewear is specially designed for you. Make sure you know the right size for your body to get the best result!

Even though I look skinny, I also have excess fat on my stomach. Do you face the same thing like me? Well, wearing shapewear can hide our excess fat on stomach to be look straight. So that we can wear nice dress with confident! Sincere community service order from me, the human body is the best work art. Let's take care of our body!

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